How Would You Like To Join The Secret Platinum Circle Group Where High-Achieving Producers Connect ...And Get Unlimited FREE Producer Kits?
Adrian Boeckeler
CEO of Modern Producers
Los Angeles, CA
July 2018
Dear Friend,

If you're a music producer: How would you like to join an elite group of music producers, get access to placements and have your hard-drive filled with the exact same drum kits, loops and presets that Grammy-winning producers personally use to cook up hit beats?

If you're a DJ: How would you like to have major artists wait in line at your door and desperately beg you to be their next DJ  ...and drop hit songs on their upcoming albums and sold-out shows?
And if you're an Artist: How would you like to be able to effortlessly produce your own dope beats, and have them sound just as professional as the beats by your favorite producers?

My name is Adrian Boeckeler and I'm the CEO of Modern Producers and the head of the multi-platinum production team Anno Domini Nation.

Our sounds have been featured in tracks by Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, Meek Mill, Skrillex, Gucci Mane, Bubba Sparxx, DJ Drama, G-Unit, Wu-Tang Clan, Drake, Chris Brown,  50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Tech N9ne, Future, Soulja Boy and many more. 

And now for the first time, I'm inviting YOU into our elite circle of platinum-selling producers

I'm inviting you into a secret group of high-achieving producers and up and coming talent that come together to share our most treasured knowledge, tactics and techniques from production to sales, marketing and beyond.

Collectively, we are...

As a member of the Platinum Circle, you will have access to a wide range of member benefits including entry to our secret Facebook networking group of 600+ members, regular contests and placement opportunities (our group has collectively worked on projects for everyone from Twitter, VICE, MTV to Yelawolf, Jason Derulo, Chris Webby, Jarren Benton, Wu-Tang Clan, Crooked I etc.), industry-leading e-books and tutorials, coaching/feedback from our multi-platinum producers and so much more...

HOWEVER: that's not all...
I'm Also Giving You Access To An Unlimited Collection Of Dope Drum Samples, Loops And Presets
Here's the deal.

Let me get into some specifics...

I'm going to be supplying you with the exact same sounds that best-selling audio labels like CG3 Audio, Cartel Loops, Fakulty Studios, LGND, Jungle Loops and GRAMMY-winning producers like Kanye West, Kato, Mike Will Made It or Boi1da use...

I'm going to be filling your hard drive with an unlimited amount of the latest and greatest sounds.

In fact, every single month, I will be sending you a download folder containing EVERY SINGLE producer product released through our Modern Producers website. That's over 20-30 a month!

Maybe you've been asking yourself in the past:
"Where do the world's most successful music producers and DJ's get their sounds and samples from?"
The secret is that none of them use any of the standard samples or sound banks that come with the usual Fruity Loops, Reason or Cubase installation...


They get their sound banks, drum kits, samples and loops from a select few suppliers that are little-known to the public, and we are one of those "suppliers".

Around 80% of the beats you hear are based on just a hand-full of drum samples, loops and presets. Yes ...there might be a different compressor or equalizer setting, but that's it. The best producers use these sounds because they are proven to make any beat sound dope.

And now I'm giving YOU access to these  exact same sounds that Grammy-winning producers use too...

I'm going to be sending you the very latest and greatest products - EVERY MONTH - straight to your inbox.
Here's Exactly What You're Getting
As well as joining our private producer group, when you sign up for the Platinum Circle today, you're going to instantly get your hands on the first monthly download package of Platinum Circle producer kits - that's every single product released through our Modern Producers website in the whole last month!

And guess what? 

On the 1st of every new month from here on out until forever you will be receiving the next monthly package to download.

So come 1st of August for example, you'll receive EVERY SINGLE product released by us throughout July.

All you have to do is download them, add them to your DAW (like Fruity Loops, Cubase, Reason etc.) and pretty much any beat you produce will sound dope ...even if you're a bloody beginner and suck at producing right now.

So without further ado, here's a look at a handful of the many kits that were made available to The Platinum Circle:
All Kits Are Organised Into Monthly Packages For You...
There's an unlimited pool of dope sounds to explore!

You'll never run out of sounds again... on average you'll be receiving at least 20-30 products every month - that's drum kits, construction kits, loop packs, presets, expansions, VSTs and more!

If you'd do the math and add up all the kits, you'd end up with at least $750-1000 per month worth of our best production tools that "we" personally use.

However, here's the deal I have for you... 

You can have all these kits For FREE when you sign up for your Platinum Circle group membership for just $29.99/month today.

That's 97% below the retail price of the kits alone! 

Never mind the incalculable value of joining our private producer group...

Usually just 1 single producer product would cost you around $29.99 in our online store (or up to $150 for VSTs), but you're getting 20-30 of them every month FOR FREE as a bonus for joining the Platinum Circle and being a part of this secret and elite group.

So you could go to our website and buy 1 single kit. 

I'm holding this time-sensitive  sale to put my best foot forward and create lasting relationships with upcoming DJ's, producers and rappers. 

And maybe I'll even consider you as the next producer to join Anno Domini Nation.
But That's Not All: Until Monday, 16. July You're Also Getting $10,214 Worth Of FREE Bonuses!
To sweeten the deal, I'm also giving you 3 FREE bonuses!

These bonuses alone are worth over $10,214 in total.

Here's a list of all the bonuses I'm giving you:
1 Platinum Circle Beat Tag
(Value: $19.99)
  • Custom Beat Tag - Every top producer knows the importance of protecting your work and branding yourself. Having a vocal tag recorded for you will allow you to prevent theft of your work and also improve your professional appearance and brand awareness. Our DJ team provides both Male & Female voices - your choice.
20 Platinum Circle E-Books
(Value: $999.80)
  • E-Book Series - This exclusive collection of e-books and manuals will give you the edge over your peers by training you on everything from blowing up your social media, to gaining more beat sales, optimizing your YouTube & SoundCloud and gaining that Million Dollar mindset. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school.
Platinum Circle Master Class
(Value: $8,997)
  • Private Mentoring Sessions - Get mentoring in an intimate, small group setting with Anno Domini personally via live webinars. We will be covering topics such as YouTube Income & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Selling Beats Online, Networking, Signing Production Deals, Synchronization Licensing for TV, Movies, Ads & Video Games etc. Re-watch old sessions you missed in recorded video format. 
Sound Kit Tutorial
(Value: $197)
  • Sound Kit Tutorial - Learn how to create your own sound kits including drum kits, construction kits and loop packs with this exclusive in-depth tutorial. Our expert team will help you to perfect your products and you will have a chance to earn a distribution contract and earn money by selling your products through our Platinum Circle Kits vendor label on Modern Producers and our partner sites.
TOTAL VALUE = $10,214
So all together I'm giving you $750+ of brand new producer kits and up to $10,214 worth of bonuses to go along with your group membership in "The Platinum Circle". Everything is waiting for you right now.

I've lowered the price as much as I could. In fact, you'll be paying nowhere near the value of everything that's included. As mentioned earlier on, I'm giving you a 97% DISCOUNT on the kits alone! Never mind the amazing bonuses... It's all just $29.99/ month!

Here's why I'm doing that...
Why It's Just $29.99
Reason #1Giving this discount puts this offer of the networking group, bonuses and collection of sound banks, samples, drum kits, loops and presets in reach of the vast majority of the world's population. It's not too expensive even for the most humble beginning producer. And that's very important to me. I want to create more entrepreneurs and dream achievers.

Reason #2Anyone who isn't willing to get this offer and finally access all the dopest and most treasured drum kits, loops and software presents ever made available won't take the time to use them anyway, and in my opinion, quite frankly doesn't deserve them. The same is true of anyone not willing to invest $29.99 into learning the art and craft of music production and music marketing. These are closely guarded secrets that earn many producers I personally coach 6-7 figure annual salaries.

Reason #3 - On the other hand, anyone who IS willing to pony up this small investment has the opportunity to learn, thrive, grow, and will have a successful year ahead. That's my giant-balls promise to you.
You'll see the value of this offer from the moment you join the group and once you download all your products and open your music production software you will hear the amazing sound blasting out of your speakers with your new kits.

Just read what some of the producers in our group are saying about the monthly packages:

And these are the kind of inspiring producer stories we love to read over and over in our group:
So Here's What I Want You To Do Next
All you have to do to get access to this dope offer is to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on one of the highlighted links or buttons below.

This will take you to a secure order page.

On that page, simply enter your credit card information (or check out per PayPal in the right side column if you prefer) and enter your name and email so I know where to send your downloads and secret group invite.

After that as soon as your application is processed you'll get instant access to the insane collection of products and services including your group invitation listed above.

And that's where the real fun starts for you. Just load the new samples, drum kits, loops and presets into Fruity Loops, Cubase, Reason or whatever software you're using, and I promise you'll be blown away by the new professional and dope sound of your music.

You can instantly join our secret networking group via a Facebook invite sent to you and start interacting and learning from us, our extended team, partners and other producers.

Go ahead and submit your beats to our placement opportunities and sales events, watch the Master Class videos, come chat to me and a whole lot more. I'll see you inside! 

If you feel like this is right for you, click here and access this amazing offer to take your music to the next level, for 97% OFF.

However, I do have to give a slight disclaimer. As you can imagine, I'll get a lot of interest from this offer.

That's why I need you to read this next part carefully...
As much as I'd like to give "our" Platinum Circle access away at this crazy discount forever, I simply cannot do that without setting my producer friends and partners in rage.

For that reason, this crazy offer is only available until the counter hits ZERO.
Once the counter hits 00:00:00:00, I'll take down this page and I won't take any more members in. Please understand that what I'm offering you is a genuinely rare opportunity.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here and access the Platinum Circle group and get an unlimited supply of drum kits, loops, samples and presets right now.

Grab this special opportunity while it's still hot on your mind.

Your Producer Friend,
Adrian Boeckeler
Just $29.99/month 
*Platinum Circle Group Access*
*Unlimited Monthly Producer Kit Packages*
*BONUS Beat Tag*
*BONUS E-Book Series*
*BONUS Master-Class Tutoring* 
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