How Would You Like To Join The Elite Inner Circle Group Where High-Achieving Artists And Upcoming Talent Connect And Get FREE Beats?
From The Desk Of: Anno Domini
Los Angeles, California

Dear Friend,

If you're an emcee, rapper or singer: How would you like to join an elite group of high-achieving artists, multi-platinum producers, managers and A&R representatives and get commercially licensed beats for FREE for the rest of your life?


...if you could hang around other up and coming as well as renowned and established artists and having them all support you and help you promote your music while you never have to pay for a beat again.

What would it mean to your future as an artists?

To the quality of your music?

To your reputation in the music industry?

To your feeling of being successful?

It would be a big deal, right? Of course it would...
For the first time ever, you can join an elite group of high-achieving artists from all around the world AND get over 30 new beats as a FREE bonus every month, with full commercial rights 

I’m looking for my dream artists that I can bring in massive windfalls for.

If that’s YOU, I’d like to invite you to my Inner Circle, where you get ALL of our very latest beats produced by the multi-platinum Anno Domini Nation producers, with commercial rights, every month ...for FREE. 

That’s right, you never have to pay for leasing beats again… EVER.

Plus you get to join an elite community of rappers, singers, A&R representatives, record label owners, industry professionals and renowned artists. 

We keep together in an exclusive, secret member's group. The only way to get in is by personal invitation from me.

However, my Inner Circle is not for everyone.
This Is NOT For Everybody.
Here’s Who I CAN Work With:
I’ve got a strict but reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met for us to proceed and for you to receive a place in my Inner Circle.

Here it is:

1) You need to be a serious artist

2) You need to be a full-blooded Anno Domini Nation fan

3) You need to give credit to us for making the beats

4) You need to be willing to invest $29.99 a month into your career

That’s it …those are all the criteria.

If you feel like you’re a good match for Anno Domini’s Inner Circle and you’d like to claim your place in our elite group right now, then I’ll be looking forward to working with you.

You can sign up right now and you'll get instant access to our secret group and around 30 brand new beats every single month!

If you'd do the math and add up these beats, you'd end up with at least $810 per month worth of our multi-platinum producer team's best beats.

However, you can have all these beats for FREE when you sign up for your Inner Circle group membership for just $29.99/month today.

That's 97% below the retail price of the beats alone! Never mind the incalculable value of joining our artist group...

Usually just 1 single beat would cost you around $27 in our online store, but you're getting 30 of them every month FOR FREE as a bonus for joining the Inner Circle and being a part of this secret and elite group.

So you could go to our website and buy 1 single beat. Or you could sign up for the Inner Circle today and get unlimited free beats for the same price!

I'm holding this time-sensitive sale to put my best foot forward and create lasting relationships with upcoming artists.

And maybe I'll even consider you as the next artist signed to Anno Domini Records.
But That's Not All: For The Next Few Days Only I'm Also Giving You These 6 Bonuses As A FREE Welcome Gift...
As part of a limited goodwill offer, I'm also giving you 6 bonuses as FREE welcome gifts for joining my Inner Circle today. These bonuses are worth $3,420 TOTAL!

Not to mention some very special perks that you cannot get any other way.

Please understand that these bonuses are only available until the counter hits "00:00:00:00". Once the counter hits zero, this special page here will go offline and all these amazing bonuses won't be available anymore. 

So here's what you're getting if you order now.
The Care Package (Value: $1700)
As a special bonus I would like to give you our 'Care Package' of 100 Free Beats from the Anno Domini Nation producers which you can download right now! You will even receive a License Agreement for all beats. Why are we doing this? Because we believe in giving something back to the music community and supporting artists!
That's right, you're getting 100 commercially licensed rap beats from me as a bonus...
In Tha Cypher Instrumentals I (Value: $20)
A collection of fresh and original all-composed Hip Hop and Rap beats by the award-winning and multi-platinum selling team behind Anno Domini Beats. Perfect for album and mixtape projects, live performances, demos, battles or cyphers.
And I'll make it rain even more beats by giving you all of my infamous "In Tha Cypher Instrumental" collections...
In Tha Cypher Instrumentals II (Value: $20)
A second collection of fresh and original all-composed Hip Hop and Rap beats by the award-winning and multi-platinum selling team behind Anno Domini Beats. Perfect for album and mixtape projects, live performances, demos, battles or cyphers.
Not just one or two, but all 3 collections...
In Tha Cypher Instrumentals III (Value: $20)
A third collection of fresh and original all-composed Hip Hop and Rap beats by the award-winning and multi-platinum selling team behind Anno Domini Beats. Perfect for album and mixtape projects, live performances, demos, battles or cyphers.
I'm not just hooking you up with beats but also providing you with the knowledge for success...
Artist E-Book Series (Value: $750)
This exclusive collection of Artist E-Books will train you on topics such as blowing up your Social Media, getting a Record Deal or developing a Million Dollar Mindset. Also included are a set of professional Music Contracts covering everything from Master Rights to Video Shoots and Publishing Agreements
I'm also going to make sure your music get into the right hands...
Record Label Contact Lists (Value: $100)
I'm going to hook you up with my personal list of 1000+ record label contacts (nationally & internationally) so that you can get your new quality music to the right people and make it count.
I'll always give you priority service...
Early Access & Priority Service
  • Contests: Get free entry, early access and priority treatment to our contests and giveaways.
  • Exclusive Beats: Get first dibbs at new and unreleased beats
  • Giveaways: Get special offers, discounts and free stuff
  • Placement Opportunities: Get a chance to work with major artists and labels
  • And a lot more.
You'll also get access to a secret Facebook group to network with renowned rappers and A&R reps...
Inner Circle Facebook Group
  • Elite Community: Join an elite group of high-achievers in the music industry
  • Networking: Mingle with established and up and coming artists, multi-platinum producers, A&Rs, managers, label owners and other industry professionals
  • A&R Clinic: Get feedback on your music and advice on promotion, distribution etc.
  • Insider Secrets: Get the latest information and tips for success
  • And a lot more.
If that's not enough yet, I'll also give you your first monthly member's package of new beats right now!
2 GB of Licensed Beats (Value: $810)
  • 2 Gigabytes Of Licensed Beats - Get access to your first beat package of almost 2 gigabytes (around 30) of commercially licensed beats 
  • License Agreement - Get a leasing contract for all of the beats.
  • Untagged - All the beats are 100% untagged and ready to use.
  • WAV & MP3 - You'll get all the beats both in WAV format and in MP3 format so you can use them for any of your projects
  • Use the beats for: Albums, Mixtapes, iTunes, live performances, shows and anything else you want.
TOTAL VALUE = $3,420

That's a lot of goodies and you get them all for FREE when you join my Inner Circle today.

That's $3,420 worth of value as a welcome gift!

I've lowered the price as much as I could. In fact, you'll be paying nowhere near the value of everything that's included. As mentioned earlier on, I'm giving you a 97% DISCOUNT on the beats alone! Never mind the amazing bonuses... It's all just $29.99/ month!

Here's why I'm doing that...
WHY IT'S JUST $29.99?
Reason #1 - Giving this discount puts this offer of the networking group, bonuses and collection of beats in reach of the vast majority of the world's population. It's not too expensive even for the most humble beginning artist.

Reason #2 - Anyone who isn't willing to get this offer and finally access all the  dopest and most treasured beats our multi-platinum producers make won't take the time to use them anyway, and in my opinion, quite frankly doesn't deserve them. The same is true of anyone not willing to invest $29.99 into learning the art and craft of writing, recording, marketing and sales.

Reason #3 - On the other hand, anyone who IS willing to pony up this small investment has the opportunity to thrive, and will have a successful year. That's my giant-balls promise to you.

You'll see the value of this offer from the moment you join the group and once you download all your beats and fire up your recording software you will hear the amazing sound blasting out of your speakers.
Now as you can imagine, it’s impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people at the same time and still maintain the same level of dedication you need in order for your music to stand out. 

That’s why I’m only giving away a highly limited number of places.

The Inner Circle is the most exclusive and value-packed service I’ve ever released in the past 14+ years in the music industry and as much as I’d like to work with everyone, I simply can't accept more than a few artists at a time.

With that being said, please understand that the window of opportunity won’t be open very long.

Don’t decide now if my Inner Circle is for you, try my Inner Circle risk-free, as you can cancel any time, plus no matter what you get your 6 AMAZING FREE bonuses as a welcome gift.

As I said, I’m only giving away a few more places.

And spots are granted on a first-come, first served basis.

I'll see you inside,
Anno Domini

P.S. As much as I’d like to give a place to “everyone”, I simply can’t let in more than a handful of new artists and still maintain the same level of quality and originality you NEED in order to make your music stand out and get heard. This offer is only available for a limited time and may be taken offline at any moment.
Registration closes in...
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